In Explore Investment Program, the aim is to accelerate the penetration process of technology companies into international markets.


Explore Investment Program is conducted on behalf of Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), and within the Program; the focus is on companies that are active in determined priority fields, having a technological product/service with a sales track record. With this model, the aim is to meet the strategic guidance and financing needs of companies in their internationalization processes at the same time.

Before making an investment decision; during the pre-Explore phase, which is implemented with the local parties having experience in the target market and access to the customer/partner/investor network, it is aimed to develop/validate the market penetration strategy and road map of the selected companies in the radar of the Program.

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After pre-Explore, an equity investment up to USD 250,000 is made to companies, which have positive due-diligence results, to be used in their international market entry process. While companies are implementing their internationalization road map, Teknoloji Yatırım’s relevant professional network is used for their needs of strategic guidance and access to the related parties in the target market(s).

Within the Program, it is aimed that the shareholder companies will achieve sustainable sales performance in the international markets and increase their market share. To cover the additional funding they need at this stage; Teknoloji Yatırım’s participation as a co-investor up to 2 Million USD in any capital investment they may obtain from a third party professional investor is possible. Co-investment process is managed within the scope of TTGV1 Co-Investment and Follow-on Investment Fund, in which Teknoloji Yatırım is acting as a Fund Advisor.

At specific periods, prioritized sector(s) and market(s) for the Program are determined and the companies falling in this scope are accepted to the investment process. Current focus is on SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, which aim to enter the US market or to expand their existing footprint in the US market.

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