Teknoloji Yatırım started as the first local actor investing in early-stage technology companies in Türkiye;

With a mission to demonstrate that early stage investments in technology ventures is good economics. 


Today, Teknoloji Yatırım;

Provides novel solutions for the early growth-financing ecosystem at different levels.

Highlights from the History

In 2005, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) established Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. as a fully owned subsidiary to make investments in the early-stage tech-companies. The legacy Teknoloji Yatırım Fund 1.0 was designed to be evergreen with six investments to date, two of which are still in the portfolio. 

Teknoloji Yatırım contributed to the technology investment ecosystem in Türkiye by creating success stories.

Today, Teknoloji Yatırım continues to expand its activities by adding innovative investment and service models.


Direct Investments

Equity investments in technology companies with internationalization potential
through Explore Investment Program


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Co-Investments and Follow-on Investments

Co-investments and follow-on investments with other market VCs to early growth
technology companies through TTGV 1 fund



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Consultancy Services

Custom solutions in new investment and portfolio management
models for other institutions

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About TTGV


Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) is a public-private partnership driven by the vision #TechnologyEmpoweredTurkey. Since 1991, TTGV supports private companies in Türkiye to compete globally through technology development and innovation. TTGV defines its current role as an “ecosystem accelerator” where it aims to cultivate a richer environment with fresh input of talent and new ideas by capitalizing on its trust equity. To this end, TTGV operates a dynamic collaboration platform with robust interfaces and strong emphasis on mutual learning and co-development.

TTGV is the first local LP in the VC/PE ecosystem with investments in TURKVEN and İş Private Equity in 2000. It joined Türkiye’s first fund of funds as an anchor investor, Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi) in 2007. TTGV’s PE Fund investments continued with Mediterra Capital Partners II in 2016, Taxim Capital Partners I in 2017 and Digital East Fund II in 2019.

TTGV maintains active memberships in Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), Invest Europe and European Venture Philantrophy Association (EVPA).


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